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Accepted artwork formats:


Text and Line Art Images - Adobe Illustrator


·       Artwork should be created in layers for easy manipulation (Do not lock or flatten layers).


·       All parts of vector line-art should be referenced to an uncoated Pantone color.


·       All fonts used in artwork should be provided. Otherwise convert type to vector line art.


·       All embedded pictures must be sent separately so we can assess resolution and adjust CMYK levels appropriately.


Pictures and Process Images – Adobe PhotoShop


·       MINIMUM IMAGE RESOLUTION: 300DPI  (This is for picture art. Logo-type/letter form art that is made in PhotoShop and saved as a TIFF or a PhotoShop EPS must be at least 1200DPI for a clean print)


·       TIFF or EPS format (NOTE: TIFFs created from low resolution JPEGs are not acceptable).


·       Artwork should be created with layers active (Do not lock or flatten layers).




Ticket Layout – Quark or Adobe In-Design


·       All fonts used in artwork should be provided. Otherwise convert type to outlines.


·       Non-compressed text should be 4 points or greater; compressed fonts must be at least 6 point.


·       Inverted text should be 6 points or greater to avoid fill in.


·       Use bold and/or non-seriffed fonts when using small or reverse type (under 13 point) to provide better print quality.


·       Four-color process or “composite color” text should be sans serif (without serifs) and greater than 12 point.  NOTE: Best results are obtained with text using a single color.


·       NOTE:  All of the font specifications assume non-compressed fonts.  Compressed fonts need to be at least 2 point sizes larger.


Unacceptable artwork formats:


·      Word Perfect. Corel Draw (.CDR). Microsoft Word, Works, Excel, Publisher and Power Point. JPEG and GIF






·       Colors – the press can print a maximum of nine colors. These colors may be divided between the front and rear of the ticket in any combination.


·       Color Restrictions – there can be no black printed in the path of the black sense mark.  (Usually, the upper and lower 0.5” of the timing mark side of the ticket. Refer to the Ticket Specification sheet, located on the Thermal Ticket page of, for additional information).




Specifications (Minimum Values):


·       Pictures, process images and line art screens should not be less than 8%.


·       Text screens should not be less than 70%.


·       Serifs and fonts under 10 point should be avoided when using screened text.


·       Boca outputs all plates at 150 LPI.


·       Line thickness must be 0.006 inches minimum. (0.50 point)


Ways to receive Ticket proofs


·       All proofs will be sent via email as a PDF.


·       A hard copy "press-proof" will be provided after PDF proof approval.



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